The Loop of Love Foundation

The Loop of Love Foundation was founded by Austin entrepreneur Randy Cohen. He founded Loop of Love with the mission to positively impact the lives of young people in his community. Loop of Love just started in 2018, but has big things happening already. We hope you will choose to get involved. To reach us, please fill out our contact form.


The Loop of Love Foundation will inspire youth to achieve their full potential.


Loop of Love will strengthen and support 8th-10th grade students in underserved communities to gain confidence, develop leadership and excel as students within their schools and in their communities to prepare them for a successful high school experience and beyond; through incentivization and role modeling.


Loop of Love Award is open to all 8th-10th graders in Central Texas. The Loop of Love Scholar Readiness Award program is designed to enhance the confidence of all students and help each student realize that he/she can grow and improve as a person and a scholar. Participation in this program will prepare students for successful high school careers and set a path for college acceptance.


Loop of Love Scholar recipients will earn the right to attend a special event (concert, theater, sporting event) with a successful role model (CEO, Community Leaders, Thought Leader) anywhere in the world.


Tell your friends about Loop of Love. Let’s do this together.


LOVE is spelled T.I.M.E. Sharing yours can have a big impact.


Do more than write a check, make an investment


Our youth is our future. Join us in making our future even brighter.

What The Loop of Love Foundation does:

Impact the Lives of Young People

We work with area middle schools and high schools to identify students that will benefit from spending time with business and community leaders. That time together can be valuable in helping to shape the path those students choose to pursue in life.

Have Fun at a Ballgame

We want the time together to be spent doing something special, so we arrange our events around big games, sporting events or other live events. These events create lifetime memories for everyone who attends, and we want the Loop of Love experience to be something memorable.

Invest Your Time

It takes two minutes to write a check. It takes two hours to attend a live event. We need you to do both. That time spent talking with a young person is something that is invaluable to their life (and yours). Make the commitment to give your time.

Our Events

We already had a hugely successful event where twenty young people attended the UT vs Kansas basketball game. Stay tuned for announcement of our upcoming events…

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About Randy Cohen

Randy Cohen is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, investor, philanthropist, and successful business owner.
He has a passion for life and truly lives each day to its fullest. Randy has immense pride in his
family and large network of friends; he is a father of three children.

Randy founded the online ticket reseller, TicketCity, in 1990 with the goal to make it easier for people
to get tickets for their favorite events. He serves as TicketCity’s Chief Energizing Officer and
is one of the most well-known and successful entrepreneurs in the secondary ticket market.

Randy is a published author and has three books to his name (Ticket to the Limit, Secrets of Swagger
and DD and Daddy’s Big Night Out). His first book, Ticket to the Limit, is a personal account of
how passion, purpose and performance can enable you to build a company from nothing to amazing and
live all your wildest dreams along the way.

Randy recently launched his own non-profit, The Loop of Love Foundation, which has a mission to inspire
youth to achieve their full potential. He is an active member of a few different Entrepreneurs organizations
and within the Austin community where he serves on the Board of the Austin Sports Commission and
is a past-member of the Austin Chamber Board. Randy played collegiate tennis at Denver University
before finally graduating from University of Texas with a business degree. Randy enjoys travelling,
deep sea fishing and tennis. He resides in Austin, Texas.

Get Involved

Do you know a student, or group, who would benefit from our program?

Are you a business leader who is willing to donate your time to get involved?

Are you a team or venue that is willing to donate tickets for our mission?

Looking to donate to the Loop of Love Foundation? Click here!

If so, please reach out to us today: